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✨ It’s time for your Weekly Dose of Design! Cool design recommendations and creative positivity curated just for you, with 💙 from Scout.

Meet Catherine Clarke.

Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m a 4th-year Graphic and Information Design major! I am the conference director for this year’s Interventions event in APRIL! …

Meet Jamie D’Amato.

Hey there, design folks!

My name’s Jamie, and I’m a fifth-year Interaction Design & Communications combined major, graduating this December! I’m currently the resident copywriter on Scout’s Marketing + Events team, and I’m so excited to send cool design things out into the universe.

I love all good stories, from books…

By Nora Holland

Life as a college student can be overwhelming. As undergraduates, we are all constantly completing coursework, applying for jobs, participating in clubs and events, and worrying about life after graduation. We are constantly working towards the future without really knowing what may be in store. …

Kat Minor

Hi! I’m Kat and welcome to my WDD :)! I’m a third-year Interaction Design major with a minor in Game Design. This semester is my first semester at Scout and I’m a Studio Designer! Currently, I’m working on iNerde, a really fun educational platform that I got to make a…

Olivia Gon

Hi there!

I’m Olivia and I’m a 3rd Year Marketing and Graphic Design Major in my 2nd semester on the Conference Team as a designer :) You’ll usually find me sipping Boba Milk Tea and jamming out to Cantopop on the daily while bullet journaling & hand lettering which I…

Brandon Yap

What’s up designers! 🤠

My name’s Brandon and I’m a fourth year Interaction Design major, currently in my third semester with Scout as the Community Care Facilitator! Over the last year, I’ve spent a large majority of my quarantine here in my silly little Mission Hill apartment, where I’ve transformed…

Ali Booth

Hi guys!

My name is Ali and I’m a third year Journalism and Interaction Design major. This is my first semester on Scout, and I’m currently a designer on our conference team (wooooo!!!). Since COVID-19 hit over a year ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’ve been largely…

Catu Berretta

Hi there,

My name is Catu and I’m a fifth year Computer Science and Design major. I’m currently Scout’s Design Director :). …

Sreya Katabathuni

Hi everyone!

My name is Sreya and I’m a 2nd-year CS/Business major (with a potential minor in interaction design). This is my first semester on Scout and I’m currently a Studio developer for ViTAL (love you guys). …

Sedi Aidam

Hey hey!

I’m Sedi, I’m a 2nd Year Game Arts and Animation student and this is my second semester on Scout as a motion designer for the Production team. I don’t remember exactly how I was introduced to Scout but I’ve admired this group’s work since before I was accepted…


Northeastern University’s student-led design studio.

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